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About us

Mount of Olives

At Mount of Olives, we pride ourselves on bringing you products deeply rooted in tradition, authenticity, and quality.

Direct from Israel

Our oil is imported directly from Israel, a land abundant in history, spirituality, and rich tradition. It's essential to us that we source our oils from the very heart of their origin to ensure unparalleled quality and authenticity for our customers.

Global Botanicals

Our Biblical botanicals are not just ordinary; they are a collection of the world's finest, carefully sourced from various corners of the globe. Each botanical tells a story, a journey of tradition and culture, making them as diverse and rich as the histories they encapsulate. Handpicked for their unique qualities, our botanicals are a testament to the sheer variety and potency nature generously provides.

Crafted in Texas

While our ingredients journey from various parts of the world, the culmination of their essence takes place in Texas, USA. Combined with skilled craftsmanship, ensures that what reaches your doorstep is a product of utmost precision and care.

Dedicated to You

Your satisfaction remains at the forefront of our mission. We are committed to providing you with products that resonate with quality and tradition. If ever you have questions, or there's more we can assist you with, we are always here, ready to help.

Thank you for choosing Mount of Olives. Here's to a journey steeped in authenticity and tradition.